Chloe and Libby Superheros
Starring these models:
"Chloe and Libby TS Superhero Sexual Gunk Fest"

Wonder Woman Chloe and Bartgirl Libby are set to go toe to toe in a battle to see who's the best at sploshing and getting sexy whilst there doing it.

Libby and Chloe are in the pool dressed in their costumes and immediately Chloe gets the upper hand and finds that Libby has a butt plug shoved inside her arse

The goo starts to flow and it immediately gets sexual with both rubbing the gunge over each other and and each other's body.

Breasts get released from the tops as the goo continues and things get more and more intense between the 2 both either dominating or subbing to the other.

As the scene continues both keep getting gunkedup and going all over each other's bodies being rubbed and poured everywhere before Libby even gets the dreaded bucket head treatment although she's enjoying it that much she does it to herself.

Now all the cloathes have been lost and both girls wither around with each other before Chloe fancys some of Libby's cock and gorges on it before finally Chloe remove Libby's now gunky butt plug.

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