Chloe, Tallulah and the Cakes
Starring these models:
"Chloe Turns Tallulah into a Cake and then has sexually dominates her"

Chloe has ordered slave Tallulah to come to her Dexter Dungeon as she is board and fancies some fun. On arrival Tallulah is ordered to strip lay down in a pool of mess and prepare herself for some cake making fun.

Already naked when the scene starts Chloe starts by covering Tallulah with cream and macaroons before having a nibble and eatting them off her. Next up Chloe starts by getting more frisky and then unleashes the chocolate cake and starts to cover and rub in all the cake over Tallulah's body then sliding all over her.

After this Chloe then gets rather turned on and starts to dominate her subject making her kiss and lick all her body and slide all over her body before next enjoying her subject and her cakey body. As the scene progress's it seems Chloe's slave is rather enjoying and getting more and more turned on by this and wants to cum for her mistress. Well whats a mistress to do......

Buy the scene and find out.

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"Chloe and Tallulah are a sweet joy to watch!"
Chloe and Tallulah have incredible chemistry. This video is a solid ten minutes and change of two lovely ladies getting crazy messy, slipping all over one another, grinding into each other, and eating sloppy, cake-covered pussy. It's addicting to watch. Tallulah especially is a lot of fun to watch when she's all hot and bothered, and Chloe is very, very good at getting her there. One of the most beautiful moments comes about six and a half minutes in, when Chloe finishes her amazing dive deep into Tallulah's sweet pussy. She takes one last, long lick, and comes up with a delicious mix of chocolate and pussy thick on her tongue, and Tallulah makes one of the best noises you will ever hear a human make. It would be worthy of being a climax, and it's barely past the halfway point of the video. The whole thing is pure sloppy fun, and you should definitely check it out. WritesNaughtyReviews, 2/11/18
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