Pandora, Tallulah and Devon Caked
Starring these models:
"Devon, Tallulah, Pandora a Chocolate and Lots of Cake"

Devon, Pandora and Tallulah have been through our supplies as we laid out all the cakes that were to be used for the final scene of the day when Tallulah found a nice large chocolate cock. The girls suggested that we could see who could deep throat the chocolate cock the most, and the losers got trashed by the winner

All the girls began to deep throat the large chocolate cock to see who could take the most. After a competitive and intense game it was decided that Pandora and Tallulah had lost the challenge and would have to face the cake and pies first, delivered by the winning cock sucker Devon.

Devon lined up 2 cakes and thrust them into Tallulah and Pandora's face and there was plenty more where that came from. It was now time for a free for all, Pandora and Devon decided that Tallulah needed to be coated in cream all whilst Tallulah is once again deep throating the chocolate cock in a trifle.

Custard, Cream and Cake goes everywhere and all girls are covered in various places and most of the bodies are not left clean, and neither is the imagination of what these 3 will get up to.

Also I wonder where the Chocolate cock ended up?

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