Devon, Regan and Sarah Sweet Messy Foodfight
Starring these models:
"3 Girl Naked Messy Food Fight"

It's the finale in a long day a gunkedup hq and we discover we have lots of cakes yoghurts trifles and custard left over. Also on hand are 3 naked models. After arguing who was going to wear what outfit a simple resolution was found all 3 were naked all 3 get to the pool.

All 3 step in the pool and line up before the word "action" is given before a fun sexy sweet messy onslaught of messy proportions begins.

Mess goes everywhere and the girls get very naughty as they do cakes to the ass, to the face, yoghurt throwing you name it these girls do it in what is a naughty fun scene to end the day.

As ever with these scenes trying to get the girls not to eat the cake is a challenge but here they eat it off each other.

But who won?

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