Devon, Pandora and Tallulah Gunge
Starring these models:
"Pandora’s Gunkedup Gunge Initiation"

Three girls, some gunge and a strap on what could possibly happen?

Devon and Gunkedupgirls veteran Taullulah are with newcomer Pandora in the gunk pool after there splurge scene armed with some buckets of gunge and a strap on.

All dressed to impress and showing off their bodies and Tallulah is the first to take some gunge being double teamed by Devon and Pandora and it’s immediately clear that Devon has a thing for Tallulah’s arse. After a little time as it was her first time getting messy the girls turn on Pandora and it’s immediately clear as a newbie to gunge no mercy will be shown

Gunge is thrown over all three as they slip and slide around in the pool. The more messy they get the more this happens.

Throughout getting messy watch as Devon motorboats Tallulah’s arse many many times, Devon and her strap on is worshipped a few times, laughter is at a premium throughout and the girls have a repeated urge to want to spin round in the gunge.

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