Chloe and Liberty TS Cops and Robbers
Starring these models:
"Chloe and Shemale Liberty XXX Law and Order"

In this download Chloe and Shemale model Liberty are left alone and Chloe describes how vulnerable Liberty is, before Liberty describes how he has done all her chores for the day.

Chloe however has had the hots for Liberty ever since she has arrived at hmp GunkedUp and decided that today she is going to seize her chance and seduce Liberty.

The scene starts off with Chloe inspecting Liberty and running over her body and stating what a predicament she is in Chloe in her Warden Outfit and Liberty in her Prisoner Outfit. As Chloe rubs over Liberty she finds all is not what she expected from a female prisoner and likes what she has found. Chloe rubs and exposes Liberty's cock and starts playing with it before beginning to cover Liberty in green custard.

After ripping open her dress and exposing Liberty Chloe demands her new found sub to worship her and toy with her. Liberty is required to kiss rub and lick all of Chloe's body all the while being tormented with custard. Chloe wanting more also suck licks and plays with Liberty's cock.

Much licking sucking and fucking continues throughout the scene till both Chloe and Liberty decide to head to the showers.

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Runtime:17 mins, 17 secs
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