Maddie Plays A-Z Game of Gunge
Starring the following model:
"Maddie plays a gunge version of the A-Z game"

Found in the vaults an unseen video of Maddie when she played away at

As Maddie had never played the A-Z game before, but had great fun slopping others we thought in for a penny in for a pound and sat her in the slop pool and made her play the A-Z game. Now at gunkedupgirls we are very kind and so we made Maddie play the game getting covered in gunge rather than nasty savoury slops.

So dressed in some very sexy black tights and lingerie We start going through the alphabet and for every incorrect answer or out of time answer she gives Maddie forfeits and gets gunged in purple slops.

Maddie fairs ok at the beginning but soon the lovely Maddie does what she enjoys doing best getting covered in gunge.

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Runtime:14 mins, 12 secs
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