Chloe and Liberty Bodystocking--Transexual WAM
Starring these models:
"Chloe and Liberty get down and Dirty in the Gunge--TS WAM fucking"

Chloe and Liberty have decided they wanted to have some fun but cannot decide who is going to dominate who so they decide they are going to have a free for all.

In the pool and dressed in body stockings only which leave little to the imagination and show off both their bodies in all their glory.

Armed with 2 buckets of gunge one orange and one blue Chloe starts showing the poring and has Liberty bend over and cover her arse before giving her a gungy facial.

Libby feels that Chloe is missing out and covers her body and releases her wonderful breasts, covers them and then pours gunge all over her face before offering Chloe her cock. Chloe obliges and gives Liberty a blowjob and also provides a blowjob facial of gunge.

Liberty primes Chloe's arse and pussy with gunge whilst Chloe also plays with herself, before Liberty decides to penetrate her and give her a hard fucking first in doggy and then in missionary.

Pussy licking and fingering and foot jobs ensue whilst gunge is poured liberally over each others bodies. Liberty's body stocking gets removed as Chloe rubs gunge all over her body and her tit's before more play ensures before Liberty provides Chloe with another lovely facial and cover's her in cum.

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