Superwoman Pixiee
Starring these models:
"Supergirl takes a messy and naughty fall from grace"

Superwoman has arrived at Batgirl's layer for a chat and catch up with her friend to discuss crime fighting but Batgirl has other plans and that is to gunk and humiliate her.

Super woman is confident and tells Batgirl to bring it on and get ready as she gets Superwoman to turn round and lift her cape, before her skirt is pulled down and she is asked to ben dover and her naked bum is exposed before some lovely cold gunge is poured all over, all the time Batgirl asking is she finding it cold and super,

She turns around after losing her skirt and showing off her lower naked body Superwoman is made to pull her top forward and her head back as a full cold bucket of multicoloured gunge is poured all down Pixiee's top. Ressigned to her humiliating fate a full bucket is then slopped all over her head for good measure.

Now with her tit's exposed Batgirl offer's "Superbitch" some cake, but only after she has removed her top and is naked. Thinking she is to be compelled to eat cake naked Supergirls does so before Batgirl slams a cake to the chest before rubbing it all in. Next a trifle over the head to the chest and smeared over the arse is the order of the day.

The scene ends with Superwoman vowing for revenge on Batgirl.

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