Allex Savoury Higher or Lower
Starring these models:
"Allex gunked in Savoury Slops by Angela"

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Total size:189.96 MB
Runtime:12 mins
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Allex is back again and has come to play a game of play your cards right, higher or lower. The rules well there aren't really any rules, we line up 10 cards and allex just has to guess if the next in the sequence will be higher or lower.

Allex sat in a pink underwear is sat guessing and and Angela lined up in her blue underwear is guest host and dolly dealer.

The idea was Allex would have to get from start to finish of the 10 cards not get one right and then walk away clean with a wonderful star prize. Well guess what that never happens on Gunkedupgirls and Allex fails quite early on but as Allex was so excited about playing we carried on and let her go to the end, whatever she was going to get a naked savoury gunking.

In the second part of the video Allex is sat in the pool naked and preparing for her savoury gunking fate, with Angela still in her underwear has tons of different nasty savoury gunk all to go over Allex.

Now for the lovers of screamers and people who squeal this is a video for you as Allex finds the gunk very cold and pulls some great facial expressions but also has plenty of fun even if it sounds as though she is being put through pure torture.

In this download Allex gets gunked in:

Tomatoe soup

Spaghetti hoops

Spaghetti bolagnase

Vegetable soup

Stilton and brocalli soup

Tuscan bean soup

Baked beans


Chicken soup

Chicken and mushroom soup

Leek and potatoe soup

Thick gravy

Brown sauce

Tomatoe ketchup

Burger sauce

Pasta sauces


And much much more
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189.96 MB
12.0 minutes
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