Charlie and Pixiee Maids
Starring these models:
"Charlie Ten vs Pixiee Little Gunge Wrestling in Maids Outfits"

We're at the gunkedupgirls studio and Charlie and Pixiee are here to do some cleaning before DJ and crew have a gunge shoot.

DJ and the crew are fully prepared and have laid out some buckets of gunge and done the setup nice and early.

Charlie has never been gunged before and it's her first time and Pixiee is a veteran. Both girls decide to stand in the pool and Charlie let's Pixiee initiate her in the art of gunging.

Well Charlie takes it like a pure pro and a born gunking natural and immediately gives as good as she gets. Gunge goes flying both girls start throwing gunge over themselves and others even the crew get splashed

Watch as what Pixiee thought would be fun gunking Charlie turns out to be a battle royal with both girls giving as good as they get with each other.

A brilliant fun download with both girls loving getting messy and thoroughly enjoying it.

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