Jem and Violet Gunky Nurses
Starring these models:
"Gunky Gungey Gooey Naughty Nude Nurses Jem and Violet get dirty"

In this download our not so state registered nurses Jem Summers and Violet both get naughty and dirty.

The scene starts with both girls in matching PVC White Dresses and nothing on underneath. Immediately the pink gunge is out and both start slopping it all over each other. Next both the girls are stripping and the toys are unleashed and the girls continue gunking slopping and toying each other.

During the scene both girls slop and slip, toy and torment each other wrap and wrestle each trying to get the upper hand.

Fun and laughter is all ensued and listern out for Jem and the worlds dirtiest laugh.

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Total size:532.25 MB
Runtime:23 mins, 29 secs
Scene ID:26584
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532.25 MB
23.5 minutes
Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Sexiest nurses ever!"
I wated a while for this to come out, and it was worth the wait. They have a lot of fun getting naked and just sliding around each other. Very messy and the gunge looks like it got everywhere. ItsJay, 4/17/18
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"Shamelessly sexy filthy fun!"
Jem and Violet know exactly what they're doing, and it's a joy to watch. In short order, they get completely covered in colorful goo, slide all over one another, and turn the naughty dial up to 11! Plenty of outstanding pours all over both lovely ladies, and some of the finest sloppy pussy play you'll ever see! If you like your ladies completely covered and absolutely filthy, you need to check this out. WritesNaughtyReviews, 1/25/18
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