Shower Scenes
8 scenes

Cheyenne and Lacey Dresses
Added 1/25/21    1455 views
In this download Cheyenne and Lacey get nice and gunked in orange in their best evening dresses. After rummaging through the gunkedupgirls wardrobe department Cheyenne and Lacey have found our special evening wear collection and want to sample them,...
Faye Gunge Wash
Added 4/12/20    2116 views
Post shoot and cake scene, we had still 2 buckets of gunge, and thought it would be a waste not to use it... Already covered in cake and naked from the end of the previous scene and Jessica in he stockings and courset with her boobs out, is armed wi...
Jem and Violet Maids
Added 2/23/18    2371 views
Jem and Violet have been cleaning the studio including the dungeon the gangbang room and the shower area when they find an area of the studio they have never been allowed access to before but have seen models leave covered in gunge and food. Both en...
Kim Leftovers
Added 7/7/17    2710 views
In this video, themuckypup is naked and gets covered in all the leftovers from the shoot. This was the last scene of the day and we had oodles of leftover unused and used food stuffs and themuckypup said bring it on so before she could get dressed a...
Sarah Jane and Jessica Jay Gunked
Added 6/21/17    3109 views
It's the last shoot if the day and sarah has been stripped and gunked by Jessica numerous times so Sarah asks the team for a request--can Jessica join her in the gunk pool. Well with an offer like that how were we to refuse, some purple gunge was ma...
MyPie Porridge Tank
Added 12/3/16    3537 views
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After a day of being messed and covered in multiple savoury items and porridge by MyPie, Kym decides she wants to have a bot of fun and get her own back. After discussing an idea and hatching a plot with Dj Kym goes to work. Whilst all the days cle...
Jodie and Custard
Added 3/13/16    3506 views
Jodie has come to get messy and Lola is well up for assisting. Dressed in a beautiful black dress Jodie has come for her first messy session and to break her in nicely we have decided to give Jodie a custard shower (we felt kind). Lola was also pre...
Lola and Jodie Get Messy in Custard and Cream
Added 2/16/16    4781 views
Mistress jessica required some maids to clean her studio but she is not satisfied and hasn't been for a long time. There is still gunge from a previous shoot there is still the shower to clean, so jessica decides rather than paying the maids for the...

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