Cheyanne and Phillipa Nuns
Starring these models:
"Nuns Cheyanne and Phillipa, The Gunk and the Knuckleduster Dildo"

Cheyanne and Phillipa cox--nuns

nun's Cheyenna and Phillipa have got some downtime and decided to partake in their favourite past time getting messy with each other, and invited Gunkedupgirls over to watch and enjoy the fun.

The scene starts with both stood dressed in their beautiful black nuns outfits, both Cheyanne and Phillipa then knell as immediately start pouring gunge over each other. Each lady liberally covers each other in the nice thick orange gunge and it quickly becomes apparent both are nuns have a bit of a naughty side--under their outfits both have no underwear on.

The girls are also product testing a new Gunkedupgirls toy the Knuckleduster Dildo. Both fight over the dildo once covered and go to work on each other still wrestling and playing in the gunge and continuing to to try and dominate the other and take control with the knuckleduster dildo. Next the clothes are ripped and pulled as first one then both girls are stripped to their naked glory and more messy gunging and fun takes place and sometimes getting the dildo in the wrong hole.

Cheyanne then takes control and brings off Phillipa with the new dildo before both play and wallow in the mess and splat each other some more.

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