Steph Plays 21 Up
Starring the following model:
"Steph has 5 cards to not go bust if she does she gets gunged"

Steph comes and sits in the gunge pool and and wearing just her lingerie. She is then given 5 cards and a target of 21. If she goes above that she goes topless and gunged, under she survives...

So in Steph's own words she "nervously" awaits as the cards are turned one by one and after 3 cards things aren't looking good and after pretty much accepting the inevitable the last 2 cards are turned and as you guessed and lucky for us she loses. On losing the game, Steph proceeds to lose her bra and sits topless before smiling and awaits the gunky fate of some nice thick light blue gunge. The scene ends with with Steph lying back and shows her feet before saying goodbye to the camera.

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